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A Lifetime In The Making

I was alone, scared, and miserable in the sports world as a Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Cavs fan until the year 2016. Hope wasn’t always attainable, in fact, the outlook looked grim for many years; LeBron leaving Cleveland after revamping the team, t

Thoughts On The David Blatt Firing From A Lifelong Cavs Fan

Let me start off by saying that I was never a HUGE fan of Blatt, but at the same time, I believe the Cavs owed it to him to let him at least finish the season. After going 83-40 as the Cavs head coach and leading them to the NBA Finals last year Blatt was

5 Reasons Lebron Will Come Back To Cleveland

1.  Lebron is tight with Johnny Manziel. Lebron was spotted the day after Johnny Football was drafted to the Cleveland Browns wearing his Browns jersey.  You may think this is irrelevant but try to find Lebron repping Cleveland in the slightest these pa