“Keep The Name” Washington Redskins.

This subject highly pisses me off!  The name “Washington Redskins” hasn’t been an issue in the past, and now all of a sudden someone says that it’s offensive.  So that means politics and idiots, or is that the same thing?  Have

Spending An Evening With Quincy Wilson.

Today I had the privilege to sit down and listen to some of the stories from the gridiron from Quincy Wilson.  For those who may not know this man he was a great talent from the state of West Virginia.  Quincy attended Weir High School which is located Has Teamed Up With Collectibles Etc.. is pleased to announce that we have partnered up with Collectibles Etc.  A local business that brings you everything you need sports related.  They also have autograph signings of sports figures and athletes. will be co

Best Scenarios For Lebron, Wade, And Bosh.

Since today is considered “Opt Out” day we thought we would share a few scenarios that would work for the BIG Three.  Not just because we are Cavs fans that we think Lebron should go back to Cleveland.  We have a method to our madness!  The