Best Scenarios For Lebron, Wade, And Bosh

Since today is considered “Opt Out” day we thought we would share a few scenarios that would work for the BIG Three.  Not just because we are Cavs fans that we think Lebron should go back to Cleveland.  We have a method to our madness!  The Cavs have said that they would bring in whoever Lebron wanted alongside him to Cleveland, rumors are that may be Kevin Love, Lamarcus Aldridge, or Ray Allen.  If this is the case Cleveland’s starting 5 would be as follows:  PG-Kyrie Irving, SG-Luol Deng/Andrew Wiggins, SF-Lebron James, PF-Kevin Love, C-Spencer Hawes.  The sixth man would be either Waiters or Jarrett Jack, “Which will probaly be used as trade bait along the way.  Lebron could come back home where he would be well recieved and finish out the last 6-7 years of his career on good terms and maybe another championship that the city desperately needs.

The perfect scenario for Wade and Bosh would be for both of them to return home to their respected teams.  Wade to Chicago to fill the void of D-Rose who may never be the same player again.  At least D-Rose has years left to get healhy, D-Wade on the other hand may be on a short leash with only 2-3 years at best.  Wade could still be productive while alongside Joakim Noah who makes everyone on the court better.  This would give D-Rose time to get things right with his knees.

The perfect scenario for Chris Bosh would be to go back home to Dallas and ride out the last 5-6 years with the Mavs.  Bosh has more years left in him than Dirk Nowitzki and could be “The Man” that he deserves to be while being out of the shadows that held him back in Miami.  Bosh could turn this team into a perennial championship team even after Dirk is gone with a few pieces.

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